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the lights are back on

sorry about the radio silence. we couldn't afford to pay the website bills, but we're all settled up now and the lights have been switched back on.

the album is finished, mixed, mastered and getting pressed as we speak. it took longer than we anticipated as i am a pain in the arse to work with and kept asking for things to be changed at the last minute just when we thought we had it nailed.

as such, we're extremely proud of it. whilst not being able to make a living from music is a bastard in a lot of ways (i.e. we all need full time jobs and have to do real life stuff like work and shit like normal people do which sucks but hey everyone else has to do it so we won't grumble though i guess i just did, so sorry for that), it's also very liberating. we literally didn't give a hoot about who might or might not ever listen to it.

a song about playing board games that sounds like deftones? let's go for it.

a seven minute instrumental cover of a philip glass piece? you betcha.

space-pop disco with a wordless telstar chorus? why not, we don't understand it, no-one else will, but who cares, have that yer wanger.

it's pretty batshit and that's what we love about it.

it's also louder, noisier and not particularly attractive to the casual listener. you have been warned. as has the record label. predictions of chart dominance have not been particularly forthcoming.

artwork's looking pretty sweet too. here's a tiny teaser:

we're going to release the first single in june. it's called take care of your own and i made a video for it with no budget which is an achievement in and of itself. it features a cute/hideous little creature having a nervous breakdown and running around like a nutter. it's adorable and disturbing.

it is not an extension of me.

it is not an extension of me.

you'll start seeing little teasers pop up here and there over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

so this is the track listing:

let go the line

take care of your own

and yet you miss the sea

the federal government

kite and crow

if we buy a train set

the black freighter

point of light

manny calavera



we've played most of them live recently so you may recognise a few of them.

at the bottom of the website next to where it says red kite there's a little mini player which currently plays the elevator version of montreal. keep checking back as we'll be sneaking early listens on there from time to time. we won't say when as that would spoil the fun. and it would involve a degree of organisation, communication and competence of which we are distinctly incapable.

the album will be out at the end of the summer and we'll be releasing it on vinyl, which will look spectacular and yellow.

i would promise to update you all more regularly, but you know better than to trust me now.

there will be more stuff happening over the coming months though. i promise.


dang it, my credibility is shot.

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