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less than a week to go

so it's less than a week to go until the album comes out.

this thing took four years to bring to fruition and we're both excited and terrified at the prospect of being out in the wild.

we're excited because we can't wait to hear what you guys think of it. we're also terrified because we have no idea what anyone is going to make of it. all we know is that we made it for us, without sparing a thought for what anyone would think. artists are always talking about making the album they always wanted to make, about making an album they think they would like to listen to. i don't know if anyone ever actually gets there, john lennon said that he never managed it, and his stuff turned out okay. have we done that with this album? fuck knows. this music thing is mad. but it's the only album we were capable of making at the time, the only thing we knew how to do and were passionate about, so i guess that's all anyone can do. we hope you like it, it would be daft to hope otherwise, but at the same time we don't apologise for it and we're immensely proud of it.

or something.

what we do know is that it looks kick-ass on vinyl. just take a look:

we're doing some shows to promote it, including a couple of rough trade in-stores, so take a look and come on down if you fancy picking up a signed copy on vinyl.

we also released our new video for and yet you miss the sea, here's what it looks like in case anyone hasn't seen it:

the text is a russian translation of the song lyrics, with a few easter eggs thrown in. i say translation, it's more like a google translate butchering that anyone who actually speaks any russian will only be able to mock and denigrate.

we've managed to do a set of videos with no budget whatsoever, which takes some doing, and we reckon they're pretty good for that. now i've got to think of one for our next single, which will be called if we buy a train set. it's the heaviest thing we've ever done, and arguably a ridiculous choice for a single, so it made obvious sense to release that next, in our world any way.

also keep an eye out on the usual streaming services as we'll also be opening up another track to preview. it'll be our instrumental cover of a philip glass track called facades, so another pop nugget then.

so i imagine by the next time i put anything on here the album will have been released, the reviews will be in and judgement will have been passed on what the past four years of our lives have amounted to.

nothing to worry about then.



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