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the strange and awkward sounds we make

well, this bad boy has been out for a few weeks now.

we just wanted to take a minute to say a huge thank you to everyone who's bought a copy, streamed it, put it on a play list, liked it, shared it done whatever people do with these things these days and generally taken the time to wrap their ears around the strange and awkward sounds we make.

thank you to everyone who came down to the shows to see us play the pop songs.

it means a great deal to us that anyone would take the time to listen to the sound of six odd humans fannying about with their guitars, be that on record or on stage. it's remarkable that in these strange, dark days we get to bring a little bit of joy to people and make them feel a little less alone. thank you for giving us the opportunity to do this, for chancing your arm and hitting play when amidst all the noise it might be easier to just switch off altogether as opposed to changing the frequency and changing the noise. we are a noise that needed to be made, but no noise has the right to be heard, so thank you for letting us in to your party, sorry we spilled beer on the carpet and painted the dog, but it was fun, wasn't it? it was worth it, wasn't it?

we've got a few more shows coming up so anyone in bedford or manchester, it's time to get your dancing shoes on.

we're lining up a few more dates for next year, so watch this space for infrequent and largely irrelevant updates.

||| calling all vinyl junkies |||

what's the best way to listen to our album other than in the rain, on a sony discman whilst walking through and abandoned industrial estate?

that's right you blue bloods, it's on vinyl.

here's an extensive list of outlets and the hamlets they live in where you can go hand over your money bucks in exchange for musical elysium. this truly is the best way to not only listen to our album but also to support your local independent music shop, so if you live anywhere near any of these places then get your beehives down there and part with those reddies in an artistically and socially responsible way.

for anyone leading the charge into the brave new world, there is also a high quality digital streaming option, so bust out the digital to analogue converters, put on those really expensive headphones and head over here to really appreciate the amount of time we spent intricately panning all those hi-hats and guitars chimes so that everything didn't shit all over everything else in the mix.

we're putting together another one of our magical budgetless videos, so keep an eye out on twatter and faceplant and here and the other one, the one with the photos, for sneak previews, countdowns, teasers and other cunning marketing ploys instigated to capture your attention and rack up those clicks and visits and lands and loves and likes and listenss and thumbs up and heart shapes and blips and dings and shares and reposts and circlejerks and bots and tech and ssd drives and teraflops and kaby lakes and area 51 bye bye bye bye bye bye i have to go

ps hi i'm back

any of you pedalheads out there, or maybe it's just me and jim, but if you're out there, keep an eye on newland custom audio. my buddy does this, so this is a shameless plug, but these pedals are awesome and so is he, so dems the score.

that auto corrected to he modems the score, which, if you know him, actually makes perfect sense in the context of him, in his context, when thinking of my friend. he modems the score will definitely be the name of a song on the third album.

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