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rk album II session II done

album II session II completed. we’re about seventy percent there with the recordings. the rest will be done in snatched days here and there over the next couple of months. then just mix it, master it, promote it, book some shows, shoot some vids, plug some radios, do some arts works, release the thing and watch the world gasp at what we’ve created. could be a good gasp, could be a bad one. not sure yet.

the working title for the album can’t be repeated in public spheres as it’s too sick. no-one can ever find out what we called it whilst we were making it. i can already smell the yahoo comments.

so what have we done so far?

let go the line - we’ve played this live a few times so some of you should know it. it starts then pretty much keeps going until it stops. it’s a riot.

take care of your own - this one has a keyboard at the start. this is a major step for us. needless to say none of us played it [we were too scared, it didn’t have strings or things you could hit], it was played by jakob loveless, who we’re recording it with. jo did play violin though. jim shits all over the end of it. it’s sweet.

schweinsteiger - it’s quite krauty and repetitive, hence the working title that we will no doubt keep as nothing else sounds better. jim shits all over the end of it.

manny calavera - this is a song about walking through the woods as a kid fighting pretend enemies with a stick. it’s named after the main character from a lucasarts point and click adventure game from the nineties. it’s got sax on it played by kate from an escape plan.

the federal government - i think this song’s kind of about reddit, i’m not sure. it sounds drunk and needs to go home.

point of light - this song’s just silly. it’s got a pretty sweet groove but then just turns into brian may playing with the tornados writing a theme song for he-man. seriously, i’ve no idea what we were thinking.

black freighter - this one’s got sax too. we’re sax maniacs. sax addicts. sax-crazed. it’s pretty lanky, and could be political or could just be about comic book pirates. fuck knows.

agent orange - we invented disco-country. you heard it here first. i don’t know what this song’s about as i haven’t finished the lyrics yet. not really worth discussing yet. leave me alone. why are you even here?

theme from red kite - we haven’t recorded this yet, it’s just an idea, it will be about forty seconds long because i always wanted a song that was only forty seconds long. it will be a pointless deterrent for the serious music listener. if the album fails, it will be because of this track. thus, it is probably the key track on the album and will take several days to perfect before ultimately being jettisoned due to its crippling futility. quite catchy. jim shits all over the end of it.

the unwritten track that glues the whole album together - this one needs some work.

the secret treat - you heard it here first, but there will be a cover on the album and it will be instrumental and listening to it through to the end will be a test of the listener’s endurance and arguably not a particularly rewarding one at that.

so that’s where we are. some of these you will have heard if you’ve seen us live recently [and by recently i mean about six months or so ago]. we’ll keep you in the loop as things progress. it’ll be worth the wait, honest. we hope. probably. all the songs are a bit too long though.


daniel rk

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