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and we're back...

so at long last the single is out. huge thanks to diy for seeing fit to feature our no-hope asses in the neu section of their site. looks like we've still got it. feeling sassy right now.

the video took forever to edit, there's something like 1600 stills in the mo-cap sequence (pro terminology, all present and correct and shit, yeah). budget was £1.29, cost of a bottle of diet coke which i took out to parkland walk with me when i shot it. loads of strange looks from people as i walked down the road filming the little fella. one couple just walked past and sniggered 'arty' at me, as though i would be offended. i had lots of fun.

a huge thank you to everyone involved. i am a pain in the arse, and everyone who has worked with me on this will agree, but for once i'll try to say something without a trace of irony - thank you. thank you for watching, streaming, sharing, clicking, listening, and for giving a shit.

well, hope you enjoy it folks. sorry we made you wait so long.

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