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recording is done

red kite final studio session 1

the album is all recorded. twelve tracks of folk-grunge-post-sax-kraut-metal to be slimmed down to ten. we finished songs about train sets and massive dogs, weddings and bath tubs, and good old crow will make another appearance or two.

if we buy a train set

there's still a spot of tidying up to do, then it's over to the mixing.

so when will it be ready to hear?

well, we'll look to do a run of shows in the autumn with some new tracks to be released around that time, but the album will most likely be released at the start of next year due to people's schedules and touring that we can put together. i'm sure i'll be able to do a few more sneak previews of bits and pieces here, so keep popping back to see what's up. hopefully i'll update stuff more than once every three months, though i make no promises. slippery as ever, old pal dan.

red kite final session

a quick word on the studio: best god damn drum room ever. we recorded it at the lodge in northampton with two kick ass soldiers by the name of mark and jay. they are awesome, the studio is awesome, there's bizarre gear littered all over the place and it's right next to subway, which is actually bad. they have a studio dog called max who is the friendliest dog ever, can smell you even thinking about food and will play catch for literally days on end. seriously, give it a go, he will last longer than you will.

give them a call if you want to sound as awesome as we do.


dan rk

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