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getting the meat done

technical hitches, whistling amps, fried boards, and still we continue. breaking the back of the drums in the second session. we’re in for two weeks and should have ninety per cent of the album done by the end. tracks so far: let go the line, take care of your own, black freighter, manny calavera, agent orange, schweinsteiger, point of light, the federal government, fuzzades.

these song names mean nothing to anyone, we don’t care about radio so they’re all too long but who gives a shit, not me, let's alt-rock.

david bowie died today and the world is gutted. i can’t say anything. seems pointless even writing anything. great artists make me feel pathetic and insecure, none more so than he.

people like him never really die though.

some tribute. nice one daniel.

our second album will be the greatest album ever made, i’m sure of it.


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