red kite

if we buy a train set
and yet you miss the sea
take care of your own


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once so common that shakespeare described london as "a city of red kites and crows", the red kite (milvus milvus) was persecuted and hunted to extinction throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. its reintroduction, initiated in 1989 by the rspb and the joint nature conservation committee, is now the most successful reintroduction of any bird species in europe. in 2006 the independent newspaper reported the first sighting of a red kite over london for 150 years. 


red kite are a gang of fools from london. they play alt-rock music. with three guitarists, two drummers, and equal parts hymn and squall.


new single take care of your own is available now to stream and download. sophomore album racquet will be released in the autumn.


red kite are daniel, nick, jim, jo, nicholas and assorted rolling cohorts.